How do successful architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms become leaders in their markets?

While there is not one formula for all AEC firms, a common characteristic is effective marketing. Successful firms don't view marketing as an expense, but as a strategic approach to winning.

Leading With Marketing embodies how an AEC firm should approach their business, their marketplace and their customers. When companies lead with marketing, they strategically choose which markets to target, what to offer, how to differentiate, how to communicate, and how to win.

To truly lead with marketing, a firm's marketing strategy must be an ongoing, dynamic process. The process must enable the company to focus its resources on the right opportunities to increase profitability while satisfying the customer needs and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. Leading With Marketing provides the insights, expertise and knowledge needed to lead with marketing.

Brian Gallagher

Brian has held executive marketing positions with leading engineering and manufacturing organizations. He has provided strategic leadership to sales and marking teams. His extensive background and knowledge of the construction industry enables innovative and effective marketing programs.

Kimberly Kayler, CPSM

Kimberly has a journalism degree and almost two decades of high-level experience servicing engineering, architecture, and construction firms as a corporate marketing executive as well as experience working for a full-service advertising/marketing communications agency. She started Constructive Communications, Inc. in 2001 to service the needs of technical and professional service firms.

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